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At DOTSAFE INC, we provide a comprehensive set of tools and features to ensure your compliance with DOT Driver File Qualification regulations, all within a user-friendly online platform. Our offering goes beyond basic electronic forms, providing you with a range of valuable features designed to simplify your compliance process:

Centralized Compliance Management

Our program offers a centralized hub for managing all your Driver File Qualification requirements. Say goodbye to scattered paperwork and manual record-keeping.

DOT Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP) Reports

Gain access to DOT Pre-Employment Screening Program (PSP) Reports effortlessly through our platform. This invaluable resource allows you to make informed hiring decisions based on a driver's safety and compliance history.

State Motor Vehicle Reports (MVR)

Access State Motor Vehicle Reports (MVRs) seamlessly within our platform. Know your drivers' motor vehicle records, helping you maintain a safe and compliant workforce.

User-Friendly Interface

Our online program is designed for ease of use, ensuring that you can navigate and utilize all its features efficiently.

Comprehensive Compliance Solution

We offer a holistic approach to DOT Driver File Qualification, providing everything you need in one place. This includes electronic forms, essential reports, and more.

Streamline your compliance efforts, access critical information, and simplify your Driver File Qualification process with’s feature-rich online platform. Stay compliant, informed, and in control with our integrated solution.

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DOT - Your Trusted Partner for DOT-Compliant Driver Application Solutions

Say goodbye to the hassle of paper applications and dive into the future of hiring with our DOT-compliant online driver application for employment. Designed exclusively for trucking companies, our online application simplifies the hiring process while ensuring complete compliance with DOT regulations.

Why Choose DOT's Online Application?

DOT Compliance Made Easy

DOT compliance is crucial, yet navigating the intricacies can be overwhelming. We've done the hard work for you, creating an online application that is 100% compliant with DOT regulations. This includes detailed requirements like the previous 3 years of driver license history, employment history, residence history, experience, and violation records, among others.

Streamlined Application Process

When a driver applies for a job with your company, you receive instant email notifications, and the application lands securely in your account portal. From there, you can efficiently review the application and initiate the driver file qualification process as mandated by DOT regulations. If you prefer a hard copy, you can also print the application in PDF format.

Fully Branded to Your Company

Your company's image matters. Our application is fully branded with your logo and contact information, ensuring that every document represents your business professionally. You'll also receive a custom web address that can be shared across platforms to drive applicants to your online application for employment.

Save & Return Functionality

We understand that completing truck driver applications can be time-consuming. Our online application offers a convenient "Save & Return" feature, allowing applicants to pick up where they left off. They simply return to the original web address, click "Return To Application," enter their social security number, and resume their application hassle-free.

Revolutionize your hiring process, enhance compliance, and save time with DOTSAFE INC LLC DOT-Compliant Online Driver Application for Employment. Join us in the future of truck driver recruitment and start your journey towards efficiency and compliance today!

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State Motor Vehicle Reports (MVRs) Service

At, we offer a streamlined and efficient solution for accessing State Motor Vehicle Reports (MVRs) for your drivers. Our service is designed to simplify the process, providing you with the critical information you need quickly.

Why Choose DOT SAFE INC for MVRs?

Fast and Automated MVR Retrieval

With DOTSAFE INC LLC, the majority of U.S. MVR requests can be processed within hours. Many MVRs are automatically generated with just a simple click of a button. Once you initiate an MVR request, we'll notify you when it's sent, and you'll receive another notification as soon as the MVR is returned and added to the driver's file for your review.

Pre-Hire Insights

Consider running MVRs before making hiring decisions to gain valuable insights into a driver's record before they hit the road. This proactive approach can help you make informed choices and potentially save your company thousands of dollars in the long run.

Automated Annual Reviews

Simplify your annual driver review process by choosing our automatic MVR option. When you select this feature within Drivers Files Online, we'll take care of running MVRs for your drivers on an annual basis. You'll receive advance notifications to let you know when the MVR checks are scheduled, and once completed, we'll alert you when the reports are ready for your review. This eliminates the need for your safety officer to set alerts, manually initiate MVR requests, and schedule annual reviews, saving you valuable time and resources.

Take advantage of DOTSAFE INC LLC State Motor Vehicle Reports (MVRs) Service to streamline your driver record checks, enhance safety, and simplify compliance. Make informed decisions and keep your operations running smoothly with our efficient MVR solutions.